Thursday, May 15, 2014

More from Dad's Suitcase

Another picture from Dad's negatives from the Great Paterson Fire in 1902.

Church & Market Streets

The building in back of the soldier is the same one pictured in the old postcard below:

Note: While searching for pictures of Paterson on the web, I came across the photo of this old postcard. Notice on the end of the post card it was supposed to be delivered to 358 Pacific Street in Paterson. I lived at 356 Pacific Street until 1949 when I was four and then we moved  across the street with my Grandfather and stayed there until I was 18 - How strange is that???  :o)

The way it looks now:

Church Street looking down toward Market Street

Paterson was a beautiful, wonderful, vibrant city.  I even moved back to South Paterson when I married, but finally had to leave in '76. Such a shame, it was a great place to grow up in.
(I was down that way about 10 years ago and didn't even recognize the place anymore)


  1. Replies
    1. Couldn't believe that old postcard was on-line!

  2. Wow that is interesting about the postcard! Love the old pics!

  3. Isn't that odd? I love "Then and Now" pictures - Might do one on my old neighborhood one day - Have to dig out the old pics from when I was little. So many changes!