Saturday, July 20, 2013

While surfing the web.......

I found this video of a fun treat for your chickens. It's a head of cabbage on a string just hanging down into the pen. I had heard of doing this but this is the first time I've seen a video.

They really seem to like this! The next time I go to the store I'll get a couple of small ones for them to play with!


  1. You are really starting to get the hang of this blog stuff! Your blog gets better and better everyday. good job! the rat

  2. Thank you, Mr. Rat!!! I really appreciate your stopping by and commenting! This blogging thingy IS a lot of fun to do and keeps me out of trouble. (sometimes) Just posting stuff that I like. I lost a ton of pictures when my old laptop died so there aren't too many of the girls to show when they were young. Any advice you can give would always be greatly appreciated!