Saturday, July 27, 2013

I copied this article from Coffee with the Hermit's blog today:

 I think this is animal abuse - it is done for only one reason and that is to save money.


Here is Hermit Jim's article:

That's One UGLY Chicken...!

For some unknown reason, man can't stop messing with Mother Nature! I really think she doesn't like it much!

I find myself waiting for the day Nature decides to haul off and kick our butts! I know that it ain't going to be pretty, folks!

Featherless Chicken And Bird-Flu Resistant Chicken

What you are looking at is man’s cruel joke on nature. In the name of economy and KFC-loving humans, scientists in Israel have created a prototype of a breed of featherless chickens that can save time on plucking, are more environmentally friendly, and in general significantly reduce the cost of raising them. The scientists claimed that featherless chickens are extremely safe because they are created by breeding a regular broiler chicken with a Naked Neck.

Despite the number of benefits featherless chickens will provide, there are some serious drawbacks to consider. Mother Nature wouldn’t give chickens feathers if she thought they were useless. The feathers on the chicken are there to protect chickens from parasites, harsh weather conditions, and overzealous cocks that can hurt the hen’s skin when mating.

In case you haven't been over to yet, you should hop on over and check out some other ways we are messing with Mother Nature!

Coffee out on the patio this morning. I have a box of Raspberry filled Bismarks I'll bring out.

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