Saturday, July 20, 2013

Where were you......

                 .... on July 20th, 1969?                                                              

Sorry -someone removed the picture

Remember how proud we were to be an American?                                                           


  1. I had just gotten out of the 82nd Abn at Ft Bragg and was on my way home to go to college. It does seem the country is caught up in a big cobweb and going nowhere fast.

  2. We were just glued to our little B&W tv back then! I hope you got to see at least some of it. My cousin was stationed at Bragg in the early 60's. (I think he just liked the free airplane rides)...
    We'll get our country back some day; not ever as before, but never again like it is now.

  3. I was just home to Oregon after spending a month in and around W. Palm Beach and seeing her on the way to the launch pad just a week or so earlier. I was 12. I took photos. Where did they go? :(

  4. That must have been awesome to see that huge rocket!! Look harder for those pictures - maybe the negatives are still around somewhere. My parents saved every single one!