Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thor's Well

Thor's Well

Sitting on the edge of the Oregon coast is what appears to be a gaping sinkhole that never seems to fill despite the unbroken stream of sea water that drains into it, but Thor's Well, as the natural wonder is known, is not bottomless, but it is very dangerous.

Also known as the drainpipe of the Pacific, the well is actually a hole in the rock that only appears to drain water from the ocean. In reality the huge hole is likely only around 20 feet deep. Even if the well is not quite as magic as it seems, it still manages to produce amazing sights, but is not for the faint of heart.
The site is said to be most spectacular at high tide, or during storms when water washes violently over the rocks and falls back through the hole. During these sudden torrents, unsuspecting visitors to the site run the risk of being swept right into the maelstrom, in which survival seems unlikely. Regardless of the risks, photographers and nature lovers continue to flock to the stunning fountain in the hopes of getting that perfect shot of the aggressive waters that live up to their namesake's stormy personality.



  1. Cool. I had to watch a couple of videos to see what was really happening.

    1. Isn't that something? Would like to see that myself! :o)