Monday, June 20, 2016

Clean up!

It's been hot here and the gang has been getting extra fruit treats to keep them cool, but unfortunately it makes them poop more and that brings flies. Lots and lots of flies! Time to clean everything, so I let them out to look for bugs:

Hung up some flypaper: (not pretty - but it works)

One of many piles:
(Charlie is molting - his feathers are everywhere!)

Raked everything up and put down fresh shavings:

And lots of fresh hay:

The little darlins' are happy now without those pesky flies buzzing around!



  1. Yeah, the little darlin's!
    I remember seeing one of my hens spot a fly on the fence post and then just nail it! They're fast!

    1. Laverne can't jump high any more, so when Charlie or Maude catches one, she tries to steal it! That's the only time she moves fast!