Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A little breezy!

The wind really picked up yesterday afternoon:

Hubby and I are just glad there are no leaves on the trees yet! The wind grew stronger as the day went on. I hope we don't have any trees fall over the power lines.

Finally getting a wee bit of color!

The gang likes to take their dirt bath under this forsythia bush:

 A lonely little daffodil:

 Have no idea where these came from:

 Kind of pathetic, but it smelled nice:

Hubby on his Wheel Horse:



  1. Replies
    1. Me too, Gorges! They always remind me that Spring is finally here. :o)

  2. I don't see pathetic, I see promise...I enjoy watching your videos....seeing your photos.watching your garden grow if you will. Thank you!

    1. Oh Lisa, there is soooo much work to be done here! The flowers that pop up are just nice surprises. We didn't plant them. We really can't start the veggie garden until the middle of May. Going to try for a 1/2 acre of corn, too. (if the damn deer don't eat it first!)