Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Night Steam

Need more snow?????


On 23.02.2012 was the steam snow plow Xrot d 9213 pushed to show ride on the Bernina Pass, she was the Bernina Crocodile Ge 4/4 182nd One of the first Bernina Railway locomotive which is 100 years old in 2028. Normally Dampfschneescheuder twice fueled in for specials. In normal snow unexploded device, the machine is no longer in operation, not after delivery of the new diesel snow blowers even in the worst and most snow on the track more. But they should be preserved as long as possible white only operational Damofschneeschleuder.

The machine:

The steam snow plow Xrot d 9213 was purchased in 1910 by the Bernina Railway. The first sections of track itself have already been opened in 1908. The decision was yet to make a year-round operation. Therefore, two steam-powered snow blowers were under patent by Lesli (USA) procured by the SLM (Swiss Locomotive Works Winterthur). The R 1051 (current name: Xrot d 9213) is the older and is still in use. Although usually only for photo trips. Sometimes it is, but still used for serious applications. A special feature of this snow blower is self-propelled. It was felt with the tight curves it was not possible to push strongly enough. The second reason was the Bernina Railway was still possessed no catenary independent vehicle.
The two bogies 3achsigen lead to wheel arrangement C'C. Each bogie is driven with two cylinders which are arranged to the vehicle center. Added to this, the two cylinders come for the spinner.
The sister except the engine has a higher boiler pressure of 14 bar on any changes. It was delivered in 1912.


  1. What a great machine. And a beautiful video.

  2. Favorite quote from the link:
    It's my trainset and I'm going to play trains with it!" **

    1. There is a little kid hiding in all of us - no matter how old we are...