Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Night Steam

Grab a cuppa (or a cold one) and learn how steam engines were cleaned - more complicated than you thought it would be!

73020 is known to have been used on Southern Region, photographed departing Southampton Terminus on 18 September 1965.
73022 has also been photographed in service on the Southern Region, pulling a boat train across Canute Road in Southampton on 29 September 1966. This engine also starred in the BTC film Wash and Brush Up, showing the routine boiler washout and cleaning of the smokebox and ash screens every 12–16 days while in service. On completion of this, 73020 hauled the 12.10pm goods to Camden.

More about them here:


  1. Most interesting. Things you never think about.
    And you thought dusting the house was a bad job. LOLOLOLOL

    1. I just love those old films!
      Fireplace ash dust in the Winter IS just as bad, too! :o)

    2. But your fireplace doesn't have a steam whistle.


    3. I'll never, never tell......... :o)