Monday, June 26, 2017

A wonky egg...

.... from Maude.  She's my oldest hen now and doesn't lay an egg every day. But when she does, they are quite large though, but this one is a bit different:

At first I though it was a "rubber" egg, but the shell was hard:

One of the girls probably stepped on it - there was a small crack in the shell:

Heard Charlie making stupid noises right under my window:

He was trying to lure one of them into his love nest:
(Who could it be? She ran into the bushes to hide)

It was Thelma!

 A colorful mushroom:

Lilies!  Lots and lots of 'em!



  1. Does it still taste like a regular egg?

  2. It was just fine, Jenn - just an odd shell. Older hens do make strange eggs sometimes!