Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ah, Summer.....

Perfect to be outside yesterday....

Hubby cut the grass:

My favorite spot to sit now:

The potatoes are growing fast:

Just planted some more in an old tree stump:

The poor, neglected gang:

Louise like to perch here - Betty can't nip her:

A BIG bug:

Charlie posing with one foot on a rock - he thinks he is soooo cool:

In the afternoon the clouds started rolling in:

They were building up fast:

Plenty of thunder...

...but no lightning or rain:

Hubby dragging the love shack back by the coop:

Just a typical summer day in Coopville!



  1. Nice! Potatoes in the stump is genius.

    1. We couldn't dig it out - too close to a rock wall. At least it is useful now!

  2. Coopville looks like such a nice place! Love the photo of Charlie with the rock lol!

    1. It Jenn - but it's a getting to be a lot of work for us. We should have moved here when we were younger! Charlie IS a real character! :o)