Friday, June 16, 2017

Busy Hubby....

.....  he took down ANOTHER tree:

It was a lot taller than I thought it wouldbe

The inside was rotten:

Woodpeckers do so much damage:

Lots of dead branches on top of it too:

All the noise doesn't even faze Charlie anymore:

Another batch of potatoes growing:

And another damn deer....

.... always the damn deer...



  1. About the only woodpecker that damage's trees is the sapsucker and you can tell if it is a sapsucker by the orderly rows of holes. Almost all other woodpeckers that are pecking on trees are going for the insects that are eating / killing the tree. You might want to have a arborist look at your trees, sometimes they can save the trees by chemical treatment of the insects.

    1. There are dozens of those birds here, Jon. They have even drilled holes in the telephone poles across the road! They are very large and aren't scared away too easily!