Friday, May 12, 2017

Took a ride....

...... to Tractor Supply (again)....

"Look out Clarabelle - that crazy old lady with the camera is here AGAIN!"

"Don't worry - she can't see me!"

Was going to get a new waterer, but they were out of them until next week.

With six chickens eating all at once in the morning, the white bowl that I was using just didn't do the job. They kept stepping and pooping in it all the time. Too much feed was being wasted and thrown out. I couldn't let them eat poopy food, so I bought a hanging feeder:

They love it! Should have bought one a long time ago!

No more wasted food! Yay!

Almost ready to flower - maybe this weekend:

Me thinks I had better get some weeding done....

Starting to fall off now - they were so pretty this year :

Grumpy Charlie - he's tired all the time now.....



  1. That hanging feeder looks like a great idea! Have a good weekend.

    1. You too, Jenn! I love that feed more than they do! No more waste!!

  2. Poor Charlie, he must have had a two woman limit.

    1. Sometime is really isn't good to get what you wish for! LOL! Poor Charlie! :o)

  3. The good news is you get to go back to TSC again next week for the waterer. The cows better watch out.

    1. Always love to go to TSC - can always find something I really, really need... :o)