Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Still lots of squabbling in the pen. Betty and Wilma chase poor Thelma and Louise and peck at them if I'm not in there. Thelma is a real snuggle bunny and will jump in my lap when W and B attack. Maude shows no interest in them. As long as she has a pile of dry hay to take a nap on, she's happy. Louise just runs in the coop and will only come out when the others are locked in the run.  Charlie has not tried any funny business with them yet (as far as I know)!

While the others were out in the yard, I let Thelma and Louise out into the run for the first time:

They walked around slowly looking at everything:

While the newbies were busy in the run, I had to go look for Charlie.
 He found another hide-a-way for his hanky-panky:

What a rooster! He'll be six years old in a few weeks. Wonder if he is EVER gonna slow down!


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