Friday, May 5, 2017

Thelma's egg

Heard lots and lots of cackling from inside the coop. Thelma laid an egg! Not in a nest box, but on the floor! She seemed so surprised!!!!

Took it the house and Hubby made breakfast  - it was a double yolker!

She loves to sit on my lap when I had out the treats!

Charlie and the gang - Betty still chases the new ones around but doesn't peck at them too hard. They all took dirt baths together yesterday and there was no fighting. (for a while, anyway)

The dogwood is in full bloom - so pretty!

Hubby adding horse manure to the pile of dirt and poopie bin goodies.

It will make a great fertilizer for use next year!

Now if we could only sell it........



  1. Thank you so much. I am partial to Dogwoods as they remind me of my favorite
    Auntie and summers in Tennessee. My Uncle Deb worked at Oakridge doing something amazing in the 1950's. Somehow the Dogwoods stuck in my memories from 65+ years ago.
    My eldest Daughter Shari is having a hatch out. Her Incubator is churning out hatchlings at a great rate of knots. She loaded up 198 eggs into an automatic turning-over-you-beaut, guaranteed Chicken hatchery. So far we have 24 happy little chickie babes. She has one more day at work, the timing was planned, but Mother Nature had other ideas.
    Meanwhile back at the chicken ranch, my wonderful Son-in-law is keeping watch over the newbies.
    I am at the bottom of the world but can still share this with my girl.
    Re: Hubbies compost heap. I thought my Dad was the compost king of the Universe.
    Wrong. That is some piLe you got there.

    1. Will post close-ups of the dogwood next week for 'ya! Awwww, baby chicks - there is nothing cuter! (and noisier)!
      There are THREE piles...... LOL!

  2. I used to compost horse manure (when I had access to it) but found it carried a lot of weed seeds that sprouted wherever I used the compost.

    1. Oh, so true Barb! Sometimes they sprout right in the piles!!!

  3. Surprised herself, did she? - lol

    1. It was just sooo funny to see, Gorges!

  4. Replies
    1. I agree, Jenn! Can't get any fresher than from the coop!! "o)