Monday, May 15, 2017

Quiet in Coopville?


When the girls lay an egg they usually cackle a wee bit. That is normal for a hen to do.

BUT Charlie does too!

I have no idea why he does this - maybe he should start handing out cigars instead!

I like this rooster. It's always quiet!

The gang waiting to get out:

 If I only let  Maude, Wilma, Betty and Charlie go in the yard, Thelma and Louise have learned to fly over the gate and join them. They don't come when they are called like the others yet, so I have to chase them all over the yard. It is NOT a pretty sight......


  1. In one of the Rocky movies Rocky trained for a fight by chasing a chicken.

    1. LOL! It will definitely get your heat rate up!! :o)

    2. Oops! S/B 'heart'. (damn keyboard.....)