Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Night Steam

Found a super-duper good one for tonight!

Mallet  type #225:

The Challenger 3985:

The UP 9000:

And even a song about the UP9000!

UP 9000 ~ A Man and A Train ~ Marty Robbins

Published on Apr 5, 2015
A video dedicated to the Steam Engine UP 9000 Series operated once by Union Pacific. Pictures of different Locomotives in the series (copyright by the holders) and with real sound from UP 9009 running in Nebraska 1954 (copyright Don Stack / ) and Music file overplayed (copyright Marty Robbins). The only surviving Locomotive in this series # 9000 you can luckily find in California / Pomona at ,,, I hope you can enjoy. The whole video project is dedicated to my wonderful friend Marianne!


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