Monday, January 30, 2017

This 'n That

The town came by and trimmed all the trees along our road - told them they could take 'em all except for the dogwoods. They just laughed and laughed.....

BUT.... they did make this for us!   LOL!!!

A pretty sunset:

Charlie in his "love nest":

 It was nice yesterday and the gang roamed about  the yard for a few
 hours getting some sunshine:

 Maude's egg - it felt like sandpaper - ouch!

Charlie left me a present ......



  1. Looking good!
    A few sun breaks here, but still a lot of snow on the ground at our elevation. Went to town below and didn't see a lot. It's almost February, and that's 6 months across from August.

    I have a habit of looking at the 12 months of a year like the 12 hours on a clock face. December being midnight, winter - is 6 months across from June, summer, 6 O'clock. March, spring is 3 O'clock and 6 months across from September, autumn - and on and on. So now we're almost to February, being 6 months across from August. Small and subtle change is evident, but the cold, like the heat of August is still the reality. But March (3 O'clock) like September (9 O'clock) will bring the next quarter, and the changes will be very evident.

    Probably makes no sense, unless you consider the 4 seasons like a clock's face, and you can recognize the subtle changes each quarter brings.

    My mind works in strange ways...

  2. Are the eggs supposed to look like sandpaper?? That can't be comfortable lol!

    1. They should be smooth - She may be producing too much calcium, Jenn, Will have to cut back on her ration of it.