Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Night Steam

These are the types of trains I grew up with.

When we were little, we would always play in the railroad yards until they chased us out:

The old Lackawanna Station in Paterson, NJ:
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  1. What a great video. I really liked the steam locomotive helping the diesel up the grade. Heh heh
    Horseshoe Curve is famous and it is great to see it with steam. Found a video about the Curve here:

  2. The footage of the heavy freights slogging up the grade makes you realize just how much weight was being moved.
    The PA railroad seems to have some gigantic tenders!
    I wondered about the structure on some of the tenders and after some Google research, I found they were called doghouse tenders.
    Here is a link to some information.
    Thanks for the film!

    1. John, Interesting info about the doghouse tenders. Thanks for the link.

  3. John - Terry has a wonderful train blog, too! Just click on his name above! :o)