Friday, January 27, 2017

Some snow pics....

.... from the other day:

The sun! The sun!

 And it even stayed out for most of the afternoon, too!

 The gang waiting to get out!

 One of the neighbor's horses - I didn't walk over as it was just too icy:

 They made it to the deck:

 Charlie hated to walk through the snow, though.

 I just thought this was pretty:

Wilma strutting her stuff:

 How in the world do they know where I am all the time?

That's the treat jar shaking - they sure do know that sound!



  1. It looks a lot like that in this corner of the nation too.

    They know you're their MOM!

    1. Had more snow on Tuesday! Charlie will peck on the window to get my attention!

  2. I'll say this about King Charles - he runs a tight ship! That property is as neat as a pin and twice as tidy. It's my conviction that life would be better for everyone if chickens ran the world. ;)