Monday, January 23, 2017

Foggy and yucky

It's been like this since last week - it's REALLY getting depressing!

 So I made a chocolate cake in honor of our new President!

 The gang waiting to get out and into the yard:

Three eggs yesterday! 

 More fog:

 Maude had hay stuck in her throat and when I picked her up to pull it out, Charlie attacked my leg when she started squawking. He thought I was hurting her.   Just look at the evil eye I am getting! He forgot about it when I gave him a piece of meatloaf though.

The starving chickens of Coopville:

Maybe the sun will come out later this week and dry up all the mud. The ground squishes when you walk around.....   :o(


  1. Squishy...I can relate. Big wet snow all day yesterday, bringing down an avelanch from the roofs, AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I feel as ornery as Charley obviously is. Gimme some of that cake!!

    1. Chocolate cake make everything in the world OK again! LOL! :o)

  2. No fog here, today, but it's rained all day.

    1. We may get lucky and see sunshine today, Gorges - Yippie!