Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The gang

After days and days of rain and drizzle, I had to clean out the run, pen and coop. It was just a sea of poopie mud. When I did the coop, I took down the last barrier on the roost.

I let them all out in the yard during the cleaning. This is the first time Wilma and Betty have been on grass.

 They didn't run away but followed Charlie and Maude all over.

 It was good to see a bunch of chickens in the yard again!

 Wilma and Betty walked back to the pen:

I locked them all in when I was finished, and of course Charlie was not happy.
 He does not like change.

Mr. Pissy-pants:

At least his tail feathers are starting to come in:

And, yes, there WAS fighting when I put them in for the night.....


  1. Nice to see them all together in the yard.
    They'll have all winter to "meld" together. Going to get any more hens?

    1. Charlie didn't let his new girlfriends wander too far - he waited a long time to get them!
      No more new hens for a while - these keep me busy enough! :o)