Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PIcs from Monday

Charlie's  feathers are really growing in quite well. Most of his scrawny red neck is
 covered in soft fluff!

 It was windy again yesterday. There were so many vultures soaring above Coopville:

 Such a joy to watch!

 They are just about the only birds that the local crows don't chase!

 Supposed to get cold - I put extra hay in the coop. Betty investigates:

Here she is trying to see what kind of treat is in my hand:

Now that some of the leaves are gone, I can start to see Sunrise Mountain again!



  1. Will buzzards grab a chicken like a hawk will, CM? The only buzzards we have in my neck of the woods are two legged. They swear and stink a lot...

    1. No, vultures only like dead things. Hawks will. Charlie always "barks" when he sees one too close to the house. The crows and bluejays always warn when the hawks are around. Sorry you have a stinky problem... :o)

  2. Glad to see Charlie's neck feathers are growing back. Thought I was gonna have to send him a little wool scarf to ward off frostbite. :)

    1. Didn't realize his neck was so bare for so long. Went back through some old pics of Charlie - guess the girls thought he was just so handsome and good enough to eat! LOL! :o)