Friday, October 28, 2016

A dreary day

Yesterday was icky.

 Started out as snow showers then changed to sleet:

 Was like that ALL day - the gang didn't even want to go out of the pen. The spoiled critters didn't even meet me by the run to get their afternoon treats. I got soaked. Ugh!

Not having a good day with the animal kingdom. My neighbor's cat:

He hates me - can you tell? 

And the darn squirrels ate all my birdseed.

Ah, well. Perhaps today will be better....



  1. Feels like a good day for a lot of attitude for me too.
    Rain, rain, rain. The 8 mile road down Pine Canyon is closed because crews found a big unstable mass of rock that has to be dealt with. Last January we had a big rock slide that closed us off for weeks!

    The only rout off the Plateau is Badger Mountain, which I don't enjoy...but
    we need to go shopping for next month's stuff...Grrr!

    1. Wow! That was a massive landslide!!!! 'Hope you can out and get your shopping done before the snow flies!!

  2. Cloudy here all day yesterday. SOUNDS like rain today (distant train whistles and such), but it looks sunny so far.

    1. Ah, to hear the train whistles again, Gorges!!! :o)