Monday, October 3, 2016

Horsing around

Neighbors were going away for a few days and asked if I would mind feeding their horses.

Just how darn lucky can I get?

Here they come - they sure do know who is going to have their treats!

(Sorry the camera motor is making so much noise)

Checking to see if the other horse got more hay:

 Their barn. It's a lot bigger than it looks! It has three big stalls, storage, a tack room
  and a wash station to hose and clean them:

 They don't get along too well during feeding time, so the have to be fed apart:

 It's been raining off and on for a few days and EVERYTHING is full of mud:

 This mare is kind of skittish, but she will take Cheerios from my hand:

This mare is named "India" and very friendly:



  1. Isn't it fun when we are asked to do a job and it is something that delights us?

    1. I love those horses - just watching them makes my day! :o)

  2. Awwww! Pretty horsies! I know I've told you I am a raving horse-nut. It has been years since I've ridden, and at 66 too old now to bounce properly, so if I have horses in the future, they will be 'rescues' - old pasture ornaments saved from the glue-factory.

    (Sadly, with the influx of all the illegal, yet vibrant 'voters', horse-slaughtering is becoming a 'popular' meme. Even on some sites that surprise me, like Maggie's Farm. Certainly, the liberal tree-huggers are all for it! I mean, GEE, all cultures are EQUAL, right? Sigh... snide mode off!)

    Sorry for the mini-rant but I am afraid our country is in for it in the next election. Too many people think they are being moral to not vote for the T person. So, they would rather elect an admitted felon who wants to start a shooting war with Russia. Yeah. That's going to end well.

    I'll go away now. But I will come back, and hopefully in a much better mood, tomorrow!!!

    Love your site, my dear, and I am glad you get to pet the 4-leggeds!

    Your Cap'n, Jan

    1. I don't even bounce anymore - I just THUD! I agree with you - maybe by the grace of God, we can get through these dark times. I'll go over tomorrow and give them each some cheerios for 'ya (and a hug)!

    2. I agree! Grrr!
      Have to smile over your "pasture ornaments" description tho...

  3. Thanks, Chickenmomn. I knew you would understand my angst. I'll keep the political overtones out of comments, but yesterday was very hard on me for some reason! Much happier today.

    Yes, Barbar Cat - I like the description too... I wish my Dad were still around, as my rescues will likely be draft horses, he was a horseman of the best kind. He once drove a 32 up hitch, in Canada, pulling a large combine.

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan

    Cap'n Jan