Friday, October 14, 2016

Eggs, the gang and other stuff

Maude didn't lay an egg like she usually does, but she sure did make up for it the next day!

It was huge! Couldn't close the lid on the egg carton!

 That's Wilma. She is NOT very bright - but I love her anyway.

 Betty, on the other hand, is lovable and likes to sit on my lap and look for treats - she's in back of Charlie.

 He's losing the feathers on the top of his head, but his neck feathers are really growing in!

He's really starting to get old looking now. And cranky.

 The gang running to get their treats the other day:

Walked over and gave the horses some Cheerios:

 They always come by the fence when they see me.

Had never seen a blue acorn before:

The Jeepster surround by pretty trees:

Our local newspaper:



  1. Lots of great stuff...and a nice touch of nonsense.
    I love that huge egg! Yup! Bet it is a double yolk-er!

    1. Years ago when I got my first batch, I cracked open one of the girl's eggs and there were three yolks inside! Would be great if that happened again! :o)

  2. Instant omelette with a double yolk. Let us know if it was.

    1. I'll take a pic and post it on Monday, Granny!

  3. I'm thinking double yolk, like everyone else. Sure miss my chickens,and horses, and the cattle... being a townie is the pits!

    1. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. Before we moved here, we lived on the outskirts of a small town. I loved my home surrounded by the woods. Broke my heart to sell it. Took a long time getting used to the open spaced country life. Change is hard. Really, really hard. But I truly believe we are where we are supposed to be at the moment and it's usually for a darn good reason! :o)