Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just one of.....

....  those days.

Lucy isn't doing well at all, so I bought her in the house. (Charlie kept pecking at her) She's in a hay lined box in my workshop. She stopped eating and will only take a sip of water every few hours. Mostly she sleeps. She's not in any pain so I'll just let her go naturally. I did the same for Ethel.

Soooo, I found this item over at: http://citygirlfarming.com/Chickens/WeirdChickenFacts.html
Please stop over there and visit - there are a lot great articles and something for everyone!

Crazy Chicken Facts

If you're ready to own a few chickens of your own, brush up on your chicken facts and impress your friends and relatives! You'll sound like a chicken expert in no time!chicken in scarf

About the Chicken:

A chicken's heart beats 280-315 beats per minute
A chicken travels up to 9 miles per hour
A chicken looses feathers when stressed
The amount of waste products from the lifetime of one chicken
could produce enough electricity to light a
100 watt lightbulb for 5 hours
There are more than 150 varieties of domestic chickens
Chickens CAN fly! The longest recorded distance is 301.5 feet
There are more chickens in the world than any other bird
Chickens can easily live 5 to 7 years (depending on breed)
The chicken who holds the record for living the longest, lived over 22 years
Chickens experience REM sleep
You can tell the color of egg a hen lays by looking at the color of their ear
(in most cases)

About Chicken Eggs:

It takes approximately 4 pounds of chicken food for a chicken
to lay a dozen eggs
It takes 21 days for chicken eggs to hatch
Baby chicks peck out of the egg shell with an 'egg tooth'
A chicken lays it's first eggs around 6-7 months old
Chickens lay an average of 5-7 eggs per week
The World Record for chicken laying was set in 1979
by a White Leghorn who laid 371 eggs in 364 days.
A hen does not need a rooster to lay eggs
(although a rooster is needed to fertilize eggs)
A hen's eggs get larger as she gets older
The number of eggs a hen lays decreases each year older she gets
The largest recorded egg laid by a chicken was 12 ounces
and measured 12.25 inches around
The record number of yolks found in one egg was nine
More than one chicken can come from one egg

About American's Love Affair with Chickens:

American's consume 8 billion chickens per year
(this translates into 55-65 lbs per person per year)
There are more than 450 million chickens in the US
Chickens sold in the grocery store are 5 to 8 weeks old
If all the chickens eaten at KFC were lined up end to end,
they'd circle the Earth 11 times.


  1. Sorry to hear about Lucy. I guess she's lucky she has you to notice and bring her in the house.

    1. Had to get her away from Charlie. I guess he sensed she was on her way out. Poor old girl - she hardly moved this morning. At least she'll go comfortably.

  2. All too familiar.
    She'll also go well loved before she "flies away."
    - BarbaCat

    1. The next ones are going to be named "Eggs" and "Legs" and I am NOT going to be so attached to them....

    2. Ha! When we began raising chickens, a wise neighbor lady told me, "Whatever you do, don't name them!" I said, "That's the first thing I did do...name them."

      Makes it hurt more when you come to this place in their lives tho. Of course, she was thinking we'd be butchering them when they slowed or quit laying. Never could do that anymore than you seem to be able to do.
      Since we never kept a rooster, our hens all died of old age, and when the last one kicked...we quit.


    3. I had never intended to eat mine - all were going to be pets. Some really horrible roosters were 'dispatched' and buried & others given away. I'll get some pullets in the Spring. No more raising baby chicks - they are waaaay too cute!

    4. "Some really horrible roosters..." Do tell. My wife once had had enough of one rooster chasing our kids when they were little and making them cry, so she caught it, put it in a box, put the box in the road, and ran over it with the car.

      I was much better behaved after that.

    5. Never get a mother hen mad! Charlie is acting up again - he's down to only Laverne & Shirley - I hope THEY make it through the Winter!

    6. Hey, C.W. I discovered your other blog, Triple Shot Photography from here...wonderful!
      Nice to find friends in common!
      - BarbaCat

    7. Great photographs on that blog - but he doesn't post nearly enough!!! c.w. always has beautiful pics.

    8. I sure agree...he's good.
      I like to collect pics, and I'm glad to have this site now too.
      Want some URL's?
      - BarbaCat

    9. Sure - maybe I can use some on the blog!

    10. Okey dokey, here are some good 'uns:

      Vintage Everyday - http://www.vintag.es/

      The Nifty Fifties - http://theniftyfifties.tumblr.com/

      RUSTEE - http://rusttee.tumblr.com/

      Coffeenuts - http://coffeenuts.tumblr.com/

      Allday - http://allday.com/

      - BarbaCat

    11. Thank you for those great links!! :o)

  3. Awww I'm so sorry :(( I know you love your girls as much as I do mine! Hugs n prayers of comfort to you!

    1. Thanks, Mamahen. Just check on her 5 minutes ago and she is still breathing, but sound asleep.
      The light didn't even wake her up. Maybe tonight or tomorrow....