Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well, we did...

                                                 ...get some snow - not a lot, but enough to make the deck slippery.

After a few hours it was all gone and luckily, it didn't damage any of the new blooms

 The forsythia came through just fine and started to open up it's yellow flowers.

 The residents even found some bugs to eat!

But later on Charlie went into the garden and his girls didn't follow him - he was not a happy camper!

Except for it being quite chilly out, it wasn't a bad day at all!


  1. So sick of snow! Been under the@ weather...a flare up of sarcoidosis and the death of a loved one has made this last month pretty rough :((

    1. We are all so sick of the cold weather! Sorry you are not feeling well - get better soon, Mamahen! Losing a loved one is so, so difficult. Prayers and hugs.