Monday, April 28, 2014

Broken egg!

There are five nest boxes plus the ones Charlie makes in the corners in the coop. For some strange reason they will just sit for a while in those, but then lay all the eggs in one spot.

This causes precious eggs to get broken!

 Lately Lucy has been going first. Then Shirley and Laverene is last to lay.

 It's my fault. I should have gone outside and picked up Lucy's egg when she started cackling.

 Laverne's and Shirley's eggs were covered in yolk from the broken egg and it looked like the girls nibbled on the egg shell while they were sitting.

Usually when this happens I throw the entire  mess in the run and they finish eating it. But this time I couldn't as there was a lot of poop mixed in.

After all this time you'd think  I'd learn.........