Thursday, April 3, 2014


They're back - found this while picking up sticks.........


New Jersey Black Bear

In New Jersey, black bear population is increasing thanks to conservation and they are sometimes seen near farms. After being afforded the protection of game animal status and improvement of habitat the population recovered and today it continues to increase. 

 Black bears are the largest land mammal in New Jersey. They are an integral part of the state's natural heritage and a vital component of healthy ecosystems.
Since the 1980s the Garden State's black bear population has been increasing and expanding its range both southward and eastward from the forested areas of northwestern New Jersey. Within the most densely populated state in the nation, black bears are thriving and there are now confirmed bear sightings in all 21 of New Jersey's counties.

Division of Fish and Wildlife personnel use an integrated approach to managing New Jersey's black bear population, fostering coexistence between people and bears.

You have no idea how big they are until you see one. Two years ago I had one walk right in back of me and I never even heard it. Scared the hell out of me!


  1. We have a lot of them in West Virginia, but so far not in my area, YET. They do occasionally pass through, though.

    1. Lots of 'em here too, Gorges. Bird feeders are coming down this weekend....

  2. We don't have many in our area thankfully, or I wouldn't step outside unless I was armed !!!

    1. You are sooooo lucky! They come through here all the time.