Saturday, April 5, 2014


Friday started out chilly and damp and stayed that way ALL day. Only the birds and Charlie seemed to welcome the day.

Just too wet outside to do anything in the yard. I didn't let them out of the pen all day. A neighbor called and said she saw a raccoon walking down her driveway and cross the road. Not good - they shouldn't  be seen during the day so it is probably sick. If it comes near my chickens, I'll put it out of it's misery. Maybe it will clear up later on so we can go and get some hay for the coop - I'm running low. Again.

Bales of Hay by Pumpkin Patch 6


  1. Muddy mess here too, rained for two bloody days.....'coon in the daytime...not good :( but then you knew that.....

    1. Chilly, damp and windy here - was supposed to be nice today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow! Have not seen the 'coon around - maybe it died. Good - saves ammo! :0)