Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Orchid Mantis

Thought you might find this interesting, too!

The Malaysian Orchid Praying Mantis

Scientific Name: Hymenopus Coronatus
Classification:  Insecta
Habitat: Orchids, Papaya Trees and Frangipani Trees
Location: Southeast Asia
Diet: Jumping spiders, toads, birds,
rodents, bats, butterflies, moths, bees
(without stingers) and fruit flies

Its Amazing Adaptation:

The Malaysian Orchid Praying Mantis are known
for its brilliant and beautiful colouring.  It’s four walking legs camouflage as flower petals and the colour of its body, matches the environment.  As the mantis grows in its environment, it sheds skin. 
After shedding its skin a few times, it looks like its habitat. It can be
dangerous. When the mantis is threatened, it either tries to confuse the predator, or scare it. So it basically camouflages to kill!  If
lifted in the air, they attempt to bite everything within its reach. 
Their diet includes lizards, geckos, jumping spiders, toads, birds,
rodents, bats, butterflies, moths, bees (without stingers), fruit flies and little bits of banana.  The Malaysian Orchid Praying Mantis does this adaptation to attract prey to kill.

Fast Facts from: 3\11\13
What It Looks Like: Retrived 6\11\13
                     Retrived 6\11\13



  1. Sorry, that's just unfair.

    Imagine a grizzly bear being able to perfectly mimic an ATM.

    1. LOL! That's why I don't have a ATM card - 'ya just never know.... :o)

  2. Wow! I have seen a lot of orchids and never this little guy. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

    1. You can order them for your beautiful garden!

  3. Okay, that was just simply amazing. There's no stopping the creativeness of God.

    1. Can you just imagine what we HAVEN'T seen yet? :o)