Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Night Steam

Hubby and I moved to Coopville eight years ago. What I miss most is the sound of the train whistles. I could hear the trains at night from our old mountain top home. After a while you would know what train was coming through by the whistle. Each engineer had their own little "sound" that still had to comply with the standards. Several times a year, they would run the old steam trains and the whistle sound would just echo through the mountains. Lordy, how I miss it!

Growing up in Paterson, we were close to the railroad - the tracks were only 3 blocks away and we spent many hours waving to the engineers and playing in the railroad yard (Until we were chased out!) 
It's all gone now, and this is what is left:

We lived in a three family cold water apartment and the best days were when the coal was delivered! A long chute was put through the basement window and all the coal went into the coal bins. It made such a wonderful rattling sound!

Sigh... getting old - don't know what made me think of the old coal trains......


  1. My grandmother used to take us Littles on the Zephyr train over the Sierras. A fantastic trip in the dome car, especially in winter. I took the Starlight train from Chico, CA to Chehalis, WA a few years back. Had a great time, would love to do it again.

  2. Those trips must have be wonderful, Brig! When I was little we would alternate trips to my aunt and uncle in Florida and to my Grandma up in New Hampshire - Train trips galore!