Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Charlie needs.....

..... a little "blue" pill!

The girls all went into the 'love shack' and Charlie just ignored them!!! 

The 'ol boy is slowing down! ......

or maybe he just has a cold:

The dang hawk just keeps watching:

maybe he dropped this poor little chippie:

Another beautiful sunset:



  1. If Charlie has a cold what will you do to help him get over it? I have 4 chickens (all female as we are not allowed roosters in Cleveland Hts. Ohio) and so far they have not experienced any illnesses. Suggestions would be helpful just in case I run into the same problem.

  2. Charlie isn't sick - as in sick, sick - he is just old - he will be 7 in May - that's old for a rooster! I just add electrolytes to their waterer. You ca get it at Tractor Supply or a far shop. A wonderful site to learn all about our little darlins' is:
    Tons and tons of info! :o)