Monday, August 7, 2017

Last week bought ......

........ storms along with humidity:

Every afternoon thunderclouds formed: 

Then we got rain....

... and fog:

During the night a windstorm broke a branch off a tree in the front of the house and
 was driven right into the ground!

Hubby had to fill in the hole it left:

It was a big 'un!

A quiet time for the gang. The are exploring the overgrown rock garden lookng for crickets:

A cold front came through and it was
 just wonderful yesterday morning!!
(but it won't last)



  1. Beautiful cloud formations. Its a tad cooler here too!

    1. Couldn't take any cloud pics today - rained ALL day today! LOL

  2. When I was timbering years ago, I had a branch (much smaller than yours) fall and knock off my hardhat before sticking in the ground about 8 inches. I was glad I was wearing the hardhat!

    1. Hubby makes me so mad sometimes, Gorges - I bought him a hardhat when we moved up here but he refuses to wear it! So glad you were wearing yours!!!