Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Night Steam

Found these wonderful videos of old movie outtakes of steam engines!

Posted by: Steve Lerro
Various scenes of men working on steam locomotive parts in a repair facility. VIews of wheels, installing white hot rivets, and crank assembly. Locomotive being moved through train yard. Southern Pacific trains seen. Steam blowing through entire body of engine. Conductors riding train down track. Closeup of wheels turning as train picks up speed. Three train racing down track.

and another one posted by Steve Lerro::

Scenes include engineers oiling three B&M steam locomotives, three steam locomotives driving on parallel tracks through rail yard, and view from another train. Two locomotives pass camera, view of wheels/crank of running locomotive. Scenes of locomotives accelerating/decelerating. An unidentified man speaks about political conditions in Haiti. The railroad engine numbers are 4002, 4003, 4021.

These were so much fun to watch!  You never, ever realize just how huge those engine were!

(Just liked this GIF......)


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