Wednesday, August 9, 2017

An eagle and stuff..

Heard the distinctive "cree" of an eagle last week and ran outside with the trusty camera.

There it was! A fledgling sitting in one of our trees. Probably came from
 the Delaware Water gap which is nearby.

Every year I watch the Decorah eagle cam, but never realize how big they are!
He stayed for about 15 minutes spreading his wings into the morning sun.

Which one will be next to feel Hubby's axe?

I love the bark on this one:

They NEVER stop growing!

A burly root:

Hickory nuts!We have millions of  'em!

The stalks from the lilies have turned brown already  - This is just one of many bundles
 that I have pulled out!

A hint of Fall?



  1. How exciting to have an eagle on your property!

    1. It was wonderful to see! I wish I could have taken a pic of it's wings outstretched!

  2. And she has been talking about your eagle all morning. :)
    She was impresses.

    1. Usually they circle overhead - this one landed! Couldn't believe it myself!

  3. All forked trees need to go. They'll eventually come over on their own anyway.

    1. We have soooo many of them here, Gorges - Hubby take one fork down at a time.