Monday, December 19, 2016

Today's funny :o)



  1. Funny!! I had one of those fainting trees. 16 lb. cat. Top of the tree, batting at angel wing. Tree fainted. I didn't know cats could fly.

    1. 16 pounds???? I bet that you must have been laughing so hard that you didn't even get mad at it! What a sight to see! :o)

    2. Pretty tough getting mad at "Fat Cat." Her idea of hiding was to stick her head between my bed and nightstand. Never mind the 15 lbs. of body sticking out into the room. Had to be lifted onto the couch for a pet - too fat to jump. God, I miss that cat!!

    3. Maybe someday Hubby and I will get one of those critters. They seem to be a lot of fun to have around!