Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I need your help!!!

My Toshiba laptop died, Kerplunk. A goner. Kind Hubby took me to the store to buy a new one. The old one ran on Windows 8 - the new HP is a Windows 10. It's horrible. Nothing is where it should be and there is too much useless, unwanted garbage on it. And I cannot download pics from my camera!

 It's going to take me a while to figure it out....

But most important - I have lost ALL your blog titles  I had kept them in a folder with names like, John, BW, CW, Barb, Rev Paul, Viki, Brig, Gorges, etc- like that and I have no idea where to find them under your real blog titles. Can you PLEASE send them to me so I can start commenting on them again. Please!!!!

I know I haven't been on much, but I do miss all of you and blogging. It's been a long road after the stroke to find out the right amount of meds that work for me. A lot of trial and error and lots of trips to the doctors and pharmacy. Poor Hubby! I think it's finally straightened out now and I can start getting back on my feet. 'Hope to be back to normal  (for me, anyway) by next week.

Thank you, dear readers!

Chickenmom  xoxox


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend.
    Now to have the main tool of your wonderful blog go kaflooie, well it's too much.
    Here's hoping you get it all untangled.

  2. Med management is a pain, especially until they find out what works best. After my doctor fun in 2015, I have literally a grocery bag full of half used pill bottles. Dunno why I keep it, but the doctors really flopped around there for a while. Best of luck in your journey, keep in mind it does settle down eventually.

    Here's my blog link:

  3. Here is Terry's Trains:
    I sent an email with some others.
    Hope to be seeing pictures of your road trips and the gang soon.

  4. Hope everything gets straightened out for you soon.
    Here is Mom's Scribbles -

  5. I was M.I.A. too, so didn't notice you being gone.
    I have WIN-10 as well, and I hate it! But, I've learned to work with it.

    Email me with questions I might be a help to you with...Hugs!

  6. I.T. guy here:
    to recover your information best, I recommend one of these.

    you can pull the old HD out of the Toshiba and copy its info to your new HP.

    and as much as I hate Win8 and Win10, Win10 is a much better OS than 8.

    ...comfortably posted from a Win7 PC.

  7. I've always heard that "10" is a _itch. "7" still outsells it. Just google "Gorges Grouse" and you'll find me.

  8. Here are some tweaks too Windows that might make it work better for you:

  9. Mine is Windows 10 was a bit jarring, but it turned out to be less confusing than I originally thought. Good luck. :)


    Good luck!

  11. Computers can be so frustrating!! Hope you're doing well otherwise!

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Med management can be a hassle, I'm thankful that I don't have to take any, and Dad has very few.
    With my ol laptop threatening to quit me at any moment, I have been saving up for a new one. My computer guy has told me about a good refurbished one, at a reduced price. Holding out as long as possible though...
    my blog is:
    come by anytime, coffee is always on...

    1. Thank you all for your wonderful help and web sites! I cannot get the hang of Windows 10 yet - seem so darn complicated to me. Oh, for the XP! :o)