Monday, July 9, 2018

Lets go for a ride!

It's a long one - grab a lemonade from the cooler in the back seat!

The foal down the road:

There is a 'candle' light in every window:

A red barn:

This house has it's own pond!

The local veggie stand is open!

Why we like it here - NO traffic!

My 18 year old Jeepster is on it's last wheels - went to the local Jeep dealer and fell in love with this one - but it will need running boards because I can't hop in it - I just hate being so darn damn short!
What do you think - should I get this one or the 2 door version?????


This bird house is falling over!

Ahhh, mountains!

This star lights up every night:

So pretty here in N/W Joisey:

A tiny church playhouse:

This horse was plastered!

The whitest dead tree I have ever seen:

Some barn art:

A HUGE baseball:

Still no traffic:

Looks like the next storm will blow this tree over:

Passed Space Farms on the way home:
(It's so close to us, we can hear a lot of the animals)!

In the drive way:


Thanks for joining us for the ride - it WAS fun!



  1. Great ride! Love the Jeep idea! Go for it!!!

  2. Great ride! I LOVE that Jeep!!! I would need running boards also:))

  3. Thanks for the great ride-a-long.
    I'm sure which ever Jeep you get will be a good fit for you. There are running boards on my "new to me" ride, now if I can just remember to use them.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the ride, Brig! I had lighted running boards when I had my Bronco!

  4. You have so many cool things to show us on our rides! I vote for any jeep as long as it is purple!! And by the way - we are not short. We are vertically challenged. :)

    1. And by the way - we are not short. We are vertically challenged. :)
      Bwahahahahaha! :o)

  5. I love my Wrangler. It is a little high - it's getting harder for Wolfgang to jump up in as he gets older, though.

    1. Tell Wolfgang I understand. I'm 73 and the 'ol knees just don't bend like they used to!! :o)