Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Night Steam

Alllll Aboard!!!!!!

Lots and lots of info here:

The South Devon Railway Company built and operated the railway from Exeter to Plymouth and Torquay in Devon, England. It was a 7 ft 14 in (2,140 mm) broad gauge railway built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
The line had to traverse difficult hilly terrain, and the Company adopted the atmospheric system in which trains were drawn by a piston in a tube laid between the rails, a vacuum being created by stationary engines. The revolutionary system proved to have insuperable technical difficulties and was abandoned. The line continued as a conventional locomotive railway. The Company promoted a number of branches, through the medium of nominally independent companies.
Its original main line between Exeter and Plymouth remains in use today as an important part of the main line between London and Plymouth.

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  1. When I saw "Auto Train" I thought I was back at the Folkston Funnel watching the Amtrak Auto train pass.
    I thought of you when he said you could blow the whistle from either driving compartment. TOOT TOOT
    Nice video and beautiful scenery.

  2. As Terry said, a beautiful trip through the country.

    Good video.

    1. Since I'll never get to over there, this video sure does help!

  3. Do one on the Norfolk & Western steam engines. My Dad was raised in tiny Vulcan WV, a watering station for the coal trains on the banks of the Tug River. Grandfather was a mine inspector, retired to Freeburn KY after the War. He was a train enthusiast and had an elaborate model display in the basement. I received an HO scale engine, tender and coal car from the collection when he passed in '65. Not sure the make, engine is a 2-8-4. These are not toys- they are elaborate, very detailed and expensive replicas. The engine is made of brass and is surprisingly heavy. Last time it ran was about 1968.