Friday, July 20, 2018

Coopville's goat

Neighbor and I were wondering what was eating all our flowers. My hydrangea bush was decimated and hers were too.

All my pretty lily plants had their heads missing - turns out the farm down the road had been missing one of their goats for two days.

Neighbor call them to let them know the little feller was here and to come and get him!

We chased it from under her deck and it ran between our rows of firewood that we have in the back.

It took two men to grab the critter and carry him out!

They placed him in a cage in back of their pickup truck!

He was just so darn cute!

The only new critter that I get to keep lives here:

A groundhog!



  1. You have always wanted a cute baby goat. To bad he learned his bad habits from the damn deer. :)

    1. LOL! He was adorable - but boy, he sure could run fast! You would have laughed your socks off watching this old lady run after him with a rope!

  2. Might change your thinking on how cute little goats are :))

    1. He was cute, Mamahen! They let their goats free range but I would keep him fenced in. They eat EVERYTHING! :o)

    2. They sure do...but they are cute:))

    3. Maybe when the gang is gone.....