Monday, June 11, 2018

It's not always ....

.... quiet and serene in Coopville. At night after the sun sets, all the wild critters come out to play! You can hear the chittering of raccoons, yelps of the coyotes, hoots of the owls, tree frogs, crickets and the braying of donkeys protecting the flocks of sheep and lambs.

Last week for two nights in a row around 2 AM (it woke us up) there were two foxes fighting on the side of the house - the screaming was unbelievable!

This is what it sounded like:  (warning  - turn your volume down!)

Then on Saturday afternoon I spotted a bunch of vultures that were hovering and gathering:

Naturally I had to go see:

The big birds roosted in the nearby trees and were back on Sunday for breakfast:

This is what was left:

some fur:

and a bone:

Sometimes, just sometimes -  it gets interesting here!



  1. Buzzards don't eat bone, so other critters were visiting, as well.

    1. Coyotes probably came for a snack too, Gorges - The odor from that fox was awful!

  2. Mother Nature's recycling system. We were surprised the amount of awful smell a dead squirrel produces in the summertime.
    We've been in this house for over thirty years and I saw my first fox only a couple of weeks ago.
    Foxes and coyotes and hawks, oh my!

    1. LOL! There are more critters than people up here! Saw two bald eagles out front last week, too! Guess who didn't have the camera handy....

  3. Don't take a nap in your hammock!

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