Monday, April 3, 2017

This 'N That

Some neat clouds. I should have made a video - they were really scooting on by!

Thought Hubby was playing with the chainsaw:

Nope - wasn't him (this time),  Giant woodpeckers!!!!!

Looks like we're gonna have some more firewood!

A perfectly round hole!

Went to visit the neighbors - could finally get over there without going through snow!

India saw me with the treat bag and ran to the fence:

This is the new mare - her name is Sally. She's a real cutie-pie!

Getting the evil eye - Wants to know why I have the nerve to give treats to another horse!  LOL

Bella - my favorite - although she has some temperament issues.

Bella does not get along with this one. She is kept separated from her. Shes so sweet!

Lots of carbuncles on this tree! They almost look like hornet's nests.

Coopville is in for some more rain tonight and tomorrow- at least it isn't snow!



  1. Watch your fingers with the horses CM!

    1. She nips, but it really doesn't hurt. She's just testing me to see what I do.

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a wood pecker around these parts, although I know I have heard one. Crazy that it can make those huge holes! Love the horses! :)

    1. They are beautiful, colorful birds Jenn, but they do a lot of damage to the trees. We have several varieties here. Will try to get a pic of one of the BIG one to post.

  3. Horses and dogs are a lot like people, you can't expect them to like everyone! Some horses are inseparable, some can't stand the sight of each other. Dogs, too. I've seen it with dogs as well - that is why good rescue organizations want you to bring your dog to meet the potential 'new' dog on neutral ground. Just to see if they will be able to sort it out. Sometimes there is initial cussing out, but you can tell within 10 minutes or so if they will be companionable.

    Wish I had horses next door, given I can't actually have them, as I said.

    Fair Winds,

    Cap'n Jan

    1. They offered her to me, but I'm too old now. Ten years ago I would have taken her in a heartbeat! She needs to be trained daily and they really don't have the time do it because they both work. At least I can enjoy seeing her!