Monday, April 17, 2017

Oh, well.....

Did NOT get everything done that I wanted to do. I am really slowing down and it gets me mad sometimes. Where did all my energy go???    :o(

Charlie was annoyed that I didn't spend a lot of time pampering him, so he decided to come for a visit:

Pecking on the glass door:

He's sure is lucky Hubby didn't see him come in!

The hawks are hanging around - they come by every evening now:

I did get he coop, pen and run cleaned - nothing like the sweet smell of fresh hay!

Hubby was on yard duty - he burned all the sticks and branches. Looks a lot cleaner now!

The trees are getting 'fat' with buds:


Some of the forsythia:

New blooms:

Didn't get half of  all the work done... but what the heck - it's only dust, right???



  1. The place looks like a million bucks, guys! Hope King Charles found the house up to snuff? 😆

    1. Thanks, Glen - Hubby worked long hours! Charlie made it as far as the kitchen....

  2. The Forsythia bush was the highlight for me. It is truly Spring when they throw out a shower of yellow.

    1. We have lots of them, Granny. Spring is REALLY here when they bloom!!! :o)

  3. Replies
    1. Me too, BW! Almost everyone along our road has them - just beautiful to look at!

  4. Charlie actually comes to the door looking for you? lol that's great

    1. Charlie is a very unique rooster - he follows me around like a puppy!
      He'll be 6 next month!