Monday, August 29, 2016

Then and now

Old buildings fascinate me
and I often wonder if they are still standing.
 With the help of Google Earth I can!

These are in New York city:

300 East 42nd Street, adjoining and at the S.E. corner of Second Avenue, including, at the left, part of the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, and showing the western end of the Prospect Hill tunnel. September 9, 1928.


9-45 Mott Street, west side, between Park and Bayard Streets. (Pell Street, is shown on the east side of the Street, and terminating there.) October 8, 1933.


Canal Street #54-58 - Orchard Street, southwest corner


62-66 Hester Street, at, adjoining and east of the S.E. corner of Orchard Street. No. 64 Hester Street, adjoining the S.E. corner of Orchard Street, is a 3-story frame house with a brick front. 1932.

I'd like to make this a sometimes feature.
What do YOU think? Interested?



  1. Those are cool, a regular feature would be nice.
    It would be IN ADDITION to FNS, right?

    1. Dunno yet....maybe FNS has run out of steam - just like me! :o)

  2. I think it is a great idea! Love architecture...but also photography and you would be hitting quite a few of my interests in one go. Please do it!!

    Please don't run out of steam...make yourself a cuppa, you still have passengers along for the ride. ; )

    1. I was amazed at how many of those wonderful buildings have been torn down. It's hard to find photographs of the old side streets. Glad you enjoy the posts! :o)