Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Places I might want to see....

.... if I didn't have to fly in an airplane to get there......

Aiguille du Midi Bridge

Mont Blanc massif, French Alps, France

The Aiguille du Midi is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. The name “Aiguille du Midi” translates literally as “Needle of the Noon” or “Needle of the Mid-day”.
Elevation: 3,842 m
First ascent: August 4, 1818
Prominence: 310 m
First ascenders: Antoni Malczewski, J. M. Balmat
Mountain range: Mont Blanc massif, Alps

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(and let me know if you've been there!)



  1. No, haven't been there. Do you have one of their fountain pens? :)
    And I agree, no more airplanes. Commercial anyway. If someone wants to take me on Trump One then OK.

    1. I wish!
      I agree - MAYBE on Trump's plane - maybe.

  2. I don't fly either, between motion sickness and the molesting...I will walk first. Have you thought about sailing? They say freighters are the way to go, very few passengers, the cooking and company is better, too. Then, the train or rent a car from there.

    1. If I can't drive - I don't go! Never have been on a cruise. On a boat with thousand of other people in the middle of the ocean is not a vacation for me! Prefer the mountains and fishing all day!