Monday, August 15, 2016

Let's go for a ride!

Running mighty low on hay so we need to get some!

It's $6.00 a bale. If there is not a good second cut because of the weather, it will 
be a LOT higher this Winter

No traffic, as usual.

 This guy loves whirlygigs!

This place is for sale:
 An old barn:

And another one with a rusty roof: 

Oops - traffic!

 We would love to have THIS barn!

 A wooden fence and a plastic mailbox:

 A Victorian garden. Every year this charming elderly woman makes a beautiful
 garden for all of us to enjoy!

 Flowers galore at a farm house!

 Ducks in a very green pond:

 Thunder clouds started to form when we arrived home:

 The gang after I hosed the pen down - it's been so hot and humid

 This is in the shade under the umbrella!

 Poor Laverne isn't taking the heat very well:

 She walks around with her wings spread:

 More thunder clouds:

 A cute sunflower - the critters ate most of the others.  :o(

 More clouds:

Had a wee bit of rain that night  - but not as much as we need.



  1. What a lovely ride. I really enjoyed getting out and about. I think my favorite is the elderly lady's flower garden. Poor Laverne. I don't like the heat and humidity either. Fall can't get here soon enough.

  2. You should see her garden in her front yard. Just beautiful! I am sick of Summer too, but I know I'll be complaining about the snow soon...

  3. $6.00 a bale!!!! That's highway robbery!!!!

    Hmmmm... I wonder if one wouldn't be wrong to hose the birds down in such hot weather...? Of course the danger there is thermally shocking them and making them hysterical with it, I suppose.

    AC is pretty cheap now, maybe a small unit for the coop might be worth looking at.

    1. They don't like to get wet, so I make a lot of mud puddles in the run and pen for them to walk through Laverne will stand in them for a long time. Hubby wouldn't go for installing the a/c.

  4. They are your sunflowers? At least they left one.

    1. That should have been "ate", not "are" but you got what I was saying. I was sure you were referring to wild creatures eating them. There are lots of wild rabbits in town here. They are a bit of a problem. Being in town keeps them safe from predators.

    2. Hummmmm - warm fuzzy slippers on the horizon?

  5. I adore your drives and photos...old barns as you know are one of my favorite things. The lovely Victorian garden, farmhouse flowers and your sunflower...Gorgeous! Beautiful clouds and you fine feathered friends make for a very nice visit. Thank you Chickenmom for a great time, although I was HOT! ; )

    1. Glad to have 'ya along, Lisa! If you ever come up to Joisey, we'll spend all day riding around!

  6. Thanks for the ride; I enjoyed it! I hope you and Laverne get a break in the heat soon.

    1. Your welcome, Gorges! The humidity went down a little bit today and we're supposed to get rain tomorrow. Laverne and I will both feel better!

  7. I like going for rides too and seeing other people's yards and gardens.
    So hot and dry here, my gardens are all giving up and going to seed quick. I can't bring myself to run up the water bill more than it takes to keep stuff alive. Half way thru August...but I'm not thinking snow!

    1. A lot of the farm houses have wonderful gardens! Baskets of flowers on the front porches and old wagons filled with them seem to be favorites up here. A lot of our veggies went to seed, too. Going to use tubs and pots next year.