Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Stump: Part Duex

Hubby was back to the stump yesterday - it sure is big!

 Here is is trying to hop off some of the roots:

 Yay! He finally got it out of the ground!  :o)

 Just one of the pike of rocks that were in the roots:

Laverne is still alive.

 I had to clean the coop out - it was pretty smelly, so I put her in the pen on  a pile of fresh hay near the water. Charlie and Maude came out from under the deck to see what was going on.

 Maude walked over and laid down next to Laverne:

They took a nap together:

I guess they can tell when something is wrong. 

I placed her back in the coop for the night. I hope she goes in her sleep. 
Will find out later this morning.


  1. ...end of the month, ending of summer, end of that stump...and soon a farewell to Laverne.

    1. The circle of life... and new baby chicks will be running around Coopville in the Spring!!!! :o)