Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Poor Wilma!

It was a yucky day yesterday..

.. so I made a batch of spaghetti treats for the gang:

They go wild over it - 

but one of the new hens attacked Wilma


 (She's molting and very quiet and timid right now). She was pecked so hard she stumbled and walked backwards into the pen gate. She tried to eat more, but couldn't.

Even Benji ran from the mean hen 


and went back into the pen

It certainly wasn't a good day for the old gal!

The damn bear has been back - the gate to the run was open this morning and my neighbor's iron bird bath was knocked over again.

 We decided to pull in the suet bird feeders until the weather gets really, really cold. 

The second portion of the NJ bear hunt starts December 9th. 
'Hope they get this pesky  one!



  1. Maybe YOU should get the bear. Think of all the bear bacon and bear ham that you could make!

    1. Haven't seen him during the day, but he leave his 'patties' all over the place during the night. Surprised he comes so close to the house.

  2. I hope Wilma is ik...and yea, J defnately would be hunting for that bear:((

    1. She had a nasty peck on her head - but she's OK today - eating as usual. J is very welcome to him! :o)

  3. And I thought I had a problem with the damn tree rats... err squirrels

    Hope they get that pesky bear.

    1. I sure so hope so...and they can get rid of all the coyotes, too! we can hear them yipping every night. A few years ago we had two mountain lions come through. Scared the heck out of me and Hubby!